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Fat Tuesday Party Toddler Style

9 Mar

My Mardi Gras celebrations are definitely not what they used to be (circa the late 90s), but I actually remember them these days so there’s something to be said for that.  I didn’t want to let the day pass without some fun, so we hosted an afternoon Fat Tuesday celebration for one of our mom’s groups.  We of course had traditional items like puczkis and added jello shots (virgin), “coins” made from gingerbread cake and beaded necklaces (of the traditional and cheerios variety, given with no flashing required).   I originally wanted to make beaded necklaces out of tiny cake pops, but ran out of time (cue the cheerios necklaces as I wanted their to be an edible option and that was all i had time for)– definitely going in the idea box for use at a future gathering.  I also had posterboard for the kids to make masks, crowns and hats –super simple and economical craft  that’s lots of fun.  All in all, get a bunch of friends together and fun is sure to be had.  Cheers!


Valentine’s Day Bookmarks w/ Printables

14 Feb

Valentine’s Day is almost here and since lil man goes to school on Mondays, Valentine’s Day cards are a necessity this year.  I decided to skip the store bought variety and I didn’t want to go the food route b/c of allergy issues, so I created custom bookmarks (perfect for school!).  I downloaded the animal images from and created four designs in Adobe Illustrator, but you could also use PowerPoint, Publisher or any word processing software.

Once I had the design created and printed, I gathered my supplies:

  • Laminating sheets
  • Red & white yarn
  • Scissors (note, I originally used a paper cutter, but scissors were easier on the laminated paper)
  • Hole puncher
  • Corner punch

I started by laminating the printed sheets–each sheet had four bookmarks on it.  Then I cut out the individual bookmarks, rounded the corners and punched a hole to tie the yarn through.  A couple photos of the finished product:

The messages are:

Lion: Have a roaring Valentine’s Day!  Love, Evan

Elephant: Don’t forget to be my Valentine.  Love, Evan

Ladybug: Will you be my love bug? Happy V-Day!  Love, Evan

Giraffe: Gee, You’re Cute! Happy V-Day! Love, Evan

Font is Actionls (downloaded for free from

Here are the templates with my son’s name removed so you can print and sign your child(ren’s) name.

TMC 2011 VDay Printable Bookmarks 1

TMC 2011 VDay Printable Bookmarks 2


Happy Valentine’s Day!