Super Ones Birthday Party

15 Sep

Three friends and I recently hosted a “Super Ones” 1st birthday party for our four peanuts who just turned one.  In deciding to go with a Super Heroes theme, we wanted to go a little more pop art and keep the design pretty simple.  We also wanted to personalize the event, so we came up with superhero personas for each of the four birthday kids.

Invite (with address blacked out):

Food Set-Up:  We labeled everything using the Super Ones theme and had fun names for all the different foods–Strength Activator (Fiesta Salad), Energy Injector (Chips & Salsa), Laser Vision Boosters (Veggies & Dips), etc. Link to printable files below.

Activities included a Super Quackers Water Table, Superhero Transformation Station (Capes, sunglasses, stickers, throwing stars, etc.), Defy Gravity Bounce Zone (Bounce House), Color Me Super coloring and comic books and Superhero cutouts.


I also created Super Stat sheets for each of the kids with some cute facts about each of them along with photos.

We had so much fun with this theme and you can really personalize it for your kids. Here’s a complete guide to the printables I created for the party.   If anyone is interested, I can also customize these for you to help you save your own little one’s birthday.



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