Please Support #Moms4Moms

27 Apr

I haven’t been the best about posting recently, mostly because I use this blog as a creative outlet and I’ve been writing from my parental perspective over at It Builds Character and other Parenting Cliches, but this post was easy to write.

I’m extremely fortunate. I have two amazing young children, a loving husband and a good support system.  I also had excellent care and support during childbirth: My husband, my doula Jeanette and OB plus the Good Samaritan Hospital staff. I was able to deliver naturally for both births and they were relatively uncomplicated–some hemorrhaging during my first delivery, but it was easily managed by the doctor and nurses.  This post is for those who aren’t as fortunate.  Take a look at these stats:

  • One maternal death every 90 seconds — in the U.S.
  • 15% of all pregnancies result in complications during labor and delivery and sometimes are fatal.
  • Pregnancy is the biggest killer of girls ages 15-19.
  • For every woman who dies in childbirth, 20 more suffer from debilitating complications.
  • We have the knowledge to prevent 90% of all maternal deaths.
  • The U.S. is 50th in maternal care–49 other countries do a better job than we do here.

To raise awareness of the above stats and the issue of PREVENTABLE maternal deaths, an amazing group of moms and bloggers came together to form the #Moms4Moms movement.  The powerful group includes: Holly PavlikaKatrina CarefootNirasha (Niri) JaganathJulie ColeLinda GrantKatja PresnalErica DiamondKelly LoubetAudrey Couto McClellandMolly Gold,Beth FeldmanDagmar Bleasdale and Ted Rubin.  They’ve partnered with Christy Turlington’s organization: Every Mother Counts to raise awareness and funds by asking what if 1% of the $14.6 billion spent on Mother’s Day gifts could be given to this cause.  That would be over $140 million for good!

I’m getting involved by posting about this issue here, on my personal blog and on I participated in the #Moms4Moms awareness Twitter party this past Monday. I’m holding a cell phone drive for Hope Phones and our family is making a donation to

If you want to get involved, here are a few things you can do:

My wish for this Mother’s Day is to reduce maternal deaths. I hope you’ll support this cause.


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