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March Baby/Toddler Book Club: Alphabet

10 Mar

The theme for this month’s Baby/Toddler Book Club was the Alphabet.  Everyone brought their favorite Alphabet/Letters books and we had a terrific selection.  We actually even finished three of them this time and that’s an accomplishment for 10 kids ages 3 and under.  Though I did hide most of the toys this time, which helped secure their attention and made things a little less chaotic.

This month’s selections that were actually read: Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, A You’re Adorable, and B is for Bear.

We also had some simple paint crafts set up for the kids to create their own “A is for Apple,” “F is for Fish” and “H is for Hands” sheets.  Those were the letters I had stuff readily available to create, and I thought three was enough for one sitting.  I’m hoping to complete the rest of the alphabet over the next couple weeks on days we’re stuck indoors and then hang it on one of the basement walls.  To make the apple I had an apple sliced in two for them to dip in paint and then stamp the paper.  Once the paint dries, I think we’ll add a little green stem to help make it look more like an apple.  For the fish, we took one of the fish bathtub toys and used it to stamp the paper and for the hands, they simply dipped their hands in paint and stamped the paper.  It was a lot of fun, and while there were no “in-depth” discussions about the books, we didn’t expect anything other than fun!

Til next month, happy reading!


Fat Tuesday Party Toddler Style

9 Mar

My Mardi Gras celebrations are definitely not what they used to be (circa the late 90s), but I actually remember them these days so there’s something to be said for that.  I didn’t want to let the day pass without some fun, so we hosted an afternoon Fat Tuesday celebration for one of our mom’s groups.  We of course had traditional items like puczkis and added jello shots (virgin), “coins” made from gingerbread cake and beaded necklaces (of the traditional and cheerios variety, given with no flashing required).   I originally wanted to make beaded necklaces out of tiny cake pops, but ran out of time (cue the cheerios necklaces as I wanted their to be an edible option and that was all i had time for)– definitely going in the idea box for use at a future gathering.  I also had posterboard for the kids to make masks, crowns and hats –super simple and economical craft  that’s lots of fun.  All in all, get a bunch of friends together and fun is sure to be had.  Cheers!