Custom Cookbook

12 Feb

I’m back!! And, I’m going to try and stay back!  This past week, a few friends from my moms group and I got together to “shower” a friend having her second baby next week.  As I’ve been trying to cook more lately, but it’s a challenge with two little ones, I was inspired to create a zero fuss cookbook to give to the mom of two to be and for the other moms in our group to use.  The criteria was simple–easy recipes that should take 15-20 minutes or less to prepare.  Everyone turned in recipes and I’m excited to try some of the new ones.  In preparing the booklet, I also was inspired to finally learn how to create step-and-repeat rows in Adobe Illustrator and I went a little crazy with them though i think the result turned out pretty cute.  Here’s the cover, table of contents and a sample inside page:

I printed it double-sided and turned it into a booklet–here’s a low quality photo.  I punched holes and tied it with pink ribbon to bind it.  Also rounded the corners to make it a little more fun.

Tip: When printing booklets, it helps to map out on paper how the pages will flow before creating it all electronically as it won’t be in chronological order.  Also, you’ll need to create pages in multiples of 4–for example, this booklet was 20 pages–5 sheets printed 2-up double-sided.

Off to cook now!


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