Day 2: Peppermint Cake Pop Display

3 Jan

A few weeks ago Jenn from the Hostess with the Mostess  (she has the cutest ideas, so if you don’t already subscribe to her blog, you should!) posted these amazing peppermint cake pops and since I love peppermint and needed some fun desserts for a couple parties, I decided to try to make them.  I followed Jenn’s advice pretty closely with a few changes:

  • They were out of peppermint extract at the store, so I used mint and I think it tasted great
  • I put some on lollipop sticks with the ribbon like she did and some on candy canes and then a couple loose ones to make the display
  • I used shaved coconut for the “snow” and people seemed to really like it

Some tips:

  • I tried making these with sugar-free, whipped and regular frosting and I think the sugar-free frosting held and tasted the best
  • Crushing the candy canes can take awhile–a rubber or metal mallet works pretty well
  • I made some with red and some with white candy melts
  • Make these a day or two before you need them (especially if you’re placing all of them on sticks)–the flavors mix more and I think it makes them more solid.  Store them on the sticks in a food storage container

If you like peppermint, you will love these, so be prepared to spend extra time at the gym 😉


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